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[apus_title_heading descript=”These are the latest properties in the Sales category. You can create the list using
the “latest listing shortcode” and show items by specific categories.” style=”style_center”]WHAT WE HAVE FOR SALE[/apus_title_heading]
[apus_properties number=”12″ layout_type=”carousel” columns=”3″ style=”title-left”]
[apus_title_heading descript=”We are offering a fundamental, yet practical alternative to the conventional
multinational advertising and publicizing communications agency network. ” style=”style_center”]FEATURED PROPERTIES[/apus_title_heading]
[apus_properties number=”4″ orderby=”featured” layout_type=”carousel” columns=”1″ item_style=”list1″ position=”top” style=”title-left”]
[apus_title_heading descript=”Open House Obsessed“ is an ode to the ultimate real estate enthusiast: the one who can’t pass up snagging a flier from a for-sale sign, who loves price-guessing the latest neighbor hood listing and spends weekends exploring the latest open house. offers extensive data such as amenities, nearby locations, property search trends, property price index & archives of buildings with over 15,000 images and floor plans.” style=”italic”]Get App[/apus_title_heading]
[apus_title_heading descript=”You can use the theme places shortcode to list specific cities or areas where you have properties ready to sale/rent.” style=”style_center”]SEARCH PROPERTIES AROUND YOUR CITY[/apus_title_heading]
[apus_location_banner style=”style2″ title=”Chicago” image=”2872″ location=”new-york-city”]
[apus_location_banner style=”style2″ title=”New York” image=”2877″ location=”manhattan”]
[apus_location_banner style=”style2″ title=”Washington” image=”2873″ location=”queens”]
[apus_location_banner style=”style2″ title=”Jersey city” image=”2874″ location=”staten-island”]
[apus_location_banner style=”style2″ title=”Philadenphia” image=”2875″ location=”the-bronx”]
[apus_location_banner style=”style2″ title=”Boston” image=”2876″ location=”vintage-villa”]
[apus_counter image=”2516″ title=”Properties Submitted” number=”385″ sub=”K” text_color=”#efefef”]
[apus_counter image=”2517″ title=”Professional Agents” number=”12″ sub=”K” text_color=”#efefef”]
[apus_counter image=”2518″ title=”Success Stories” number=”235″ sub=”K” text_color=”#efefef”]
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[apus_title_heading descript=”Choose from professionally designed themes that work across all devices” style=”style_center”]OUR PROFESSIONAL TEAM[/apus_title_heading]
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